Lésaya is a German and French based fashion brand.
It is our desire to create unique but also wearable garments with a high focus on responsible craftsmanship and production, the ability to reuse, mix and recombine all our pieces so they last and can be reinvented each season. We stand for exclusive, seasonless, and ethically-made clothing for every occasion and strongly believe in creating circularity through the process of up-cycling.

We consider that buying less and setting the main attention to greater awareness in the buying process, but also design process, should be the new target when it comes to sustainable clothing. It is equally important to create long-lasting relationships and trust with our customers. The fashion market is overloaded with so many options, short term trends and fast fashion. We aim to create slow, fair produced long-lasting and timeless pieces that are so versatile and unique that they will always have a place in the wearers closet.

Sustainability & Circularity:

One important thing must be said: Producing new garments is not sustainable. For us, the clue is to buy less and reuse, up-cycle, mix and match our pieces. All our pieces are made to be worn in a versatile manner for every occasion.

To create long lasting garments, we are working very hard to find suppliers, which follow our values and quality standards, as sustainability begins with making conscious choices. 

By selecting fabrics in Europe and having a shorter supply change, we reduce our carbon footprint; This also allows us to build a strong relationship with our suppliers as well as to visit them.

Fabrics: We only use fabrics from Italy with the highest quality as well as certified sustainability stamps. All our fabrics are up-cycled, meaning that once the pieces are sold, they will not exist in the same fabric again, as the fabric will not get reproduced. This gives our collection a uniqueness as well as an emotional value.

Zippers: We reuse zippers from fashion houses, which would normally get thrown away. As they are up-cycled, the zippers are unique in colour and shape but fit perfectly to every single piece. 

Buttons: Our buttons are made from recycled components. 

Packaging: We only use recycled materials and aim to reduce waste. Therefore, we keep our packaging to a minimum, while at the same time protecting the garments in the best possible way so it arrives save and beautifully at our customer.

Giving back: We see giving back, encouraging people all over the world and contributing to their wellbeing as well as education as one of our highest values. Every collection will support a charity project.